How did one man kill 93 people over 35 years? He targeted the women no one saw

She was out in a club, at a birthday party with a group of friends, when she made the mistake of asking him to dance.

Decades later, Samuel Little could still remember the buttons down the front of the dress she was wearing, and the intimate details she told him about her life: that her mother was sick, that she was one of three sisters. But the one thing he couldn’t conjure up was a name. In the end she was just another of the 93 women he killed, in a murderous spree across the US that somehow continued unsuspected and uninterrupted for 35 years. It is amazing how easy it is for a woman to go missing, but not to be missed; astonishing how the seemingly obvious can be overlooked, when it happens to women who are not properly seen. It was only this week, following months of prison confessions and painstaking cross-checking, that the FBI finally confirmed 79-year-old Little as the deadliest serial killer in American history. October 2019

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