Ripples! as Kwara government strips Saraki of Alimi chalet

Two trending issues recently involving former Senate President, Bukola Saraki and Kwara State government are those of the seizure by the government of Saraki’s sprawling house, code-named Alimi chalets at Government Reservation Area (GRA), Ilorin, and the alleged rejection by the state government of some instructional materials he donated to students of some primary and post primary schools in his constituency.

So viral were these reports that they have been generating ripples across the state and even beyond, sending both positive and negative reactions to the public on the stance of the state government and the purported humiliation of Saraki.

It would be recall that Saraki, who had served the state as Governor for eight years, had through the sanctity of the state House of Assembly, announced some perquisites of offices for former Executive Governors and their Deputies.These emoluments, which were also extended to all his successors in office, especially, those who had spent eight years in office, were then seen as bogus and too exorbitant a luxury for the state to bear. October 2019

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