The Biggest Disaster Of Colonialism Remains The Image of The God Africans Now See

We have said it many times on many of our articles that there is no God. But each time we say that we are quoted out of context and misunderstood. Our brethren who hold blindly to the teachings and ways of the colonial masters accuse us of all kinds of things in their attempt to run away from the facts we bring forward.

Now, before we go further to discuss how colonialism affected Africans negatively in their view of the creator and themselves, we would love to make some clarifications on our stand that “there is no God.”

You see, with the brand of religion that the colonial masters brought with them and enforced by the gun, everything that has to do with Africa’s image and ideology of God was laid to waste and called evil. Then they gave Africans a new image of God – a white God. A God who looks like the European man.

libetywriterafrica.com/23 August 2019

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